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Jennifer Johannesen - No Ordinary Boy

Read: Jennifer Johannesen, No Ordinary Boy

My partner Jennifer recently published her first book. It’s a slim volume of 145 pages called No Ordinary Boy: The Life and Death of Owen Turney. One could generically describe it as memoir or narrative non-fiction. No Ordinary Boy is the story of Jennifer’s journey with her severely disabled son Owen, who died last October—unexpectedly, and […]

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A Quiet Place in Paris by Alias Rex via Flickr (Creative Commons license)

Buddhism, moral philosophy, Derek Parfit

I recently read this in an article in the Shambhala Sun, a magazine about Buddhism: Here is another practice, rooted in Zen tradition, which you might enjoy. Sit down with someone you care about and have a cup of tea. The practice is just sitting and having tea and conversation for its own sake. Drink […]

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Klarwein - Artist and Model

The psychedelic surrealism of Mati Klarwein

I was doing some reading about the inimitable Jon Hassell the other day (an appreciation of his mysterious and powerful music should be another post here one of these days) and came across mention of Mati Klarwein, an artist whose work has been used on a number of epoch-defining rock and jazz records of the […]

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Alternate reality: The Weather Network

The Weather Network is a portal to another reality. It’s a 24-hour cable news channel where everything revolves around the weather, all the time. Every bulletin and every story segment is about the weather, climate change, or about the weather’s impact on traffic or other aspects of people’s lives (cars spinning out in deep snow, […]

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The magic of the ordinary (DNTO podcast)

Definintely Not The Opera (DNTO) is a magazine show on CBC Radio 1 that comes out every Saturday. It’s one of my most treasured Canadian cultural institutions. Originally named Brand X, it was first broadcast in 1994 and later renamed to Definitely Not The Opera to signify that it ran opposite Saturday Afternoon at the […]

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Karim Rashid Design Your Self

Read: Karim Rashid, Design Your Self

A review of Karim Rashid’s Design Your Self (2006) Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’97: Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable […]

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2010 The Return Book Cover

Currently reading: Books about 2012

Also, an insightful and entertaining review of Toward 2012 from the New York Times. Many of the essays are available at Reality Sandwich.

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The new Art Gallery of Ontario, recently re-opened with new architecture by Frank Gehry, is lovely inside. Granted, it looks like a giant shiny slug from the outside (especially on a rainy day), but the same tube-like structure forms a great, warm space on the inside, a sort of walkway that spans the street side […]

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