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Homeland Surveillance by Light Brigading Creative Commons via Flickr

Homeland surveillance

I. It reads like the grand, slightly preposterous plot of an espionage thriller. Perhaps one of those ‘grand tapestry’ style novels with lots of different characters and sub-plots, carefully unfolding towards an inevitable narrative climax. Like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Edward Snowden story was hard to put down from the first moment […]

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Upgrade icon by Oxygen Team (GNU license)

Why I’m not upgrading

“My name is Carsten, and I don’t like upgrading.”—”Hi Carsten!” I’ve become that guy. I never used to be that guy. You know, the guy who’s content with the technology he has because it’s working fine for him. The guy who’s perfectly capable of scaling any technical mountain but prefers to stick with what he […]

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Playing around with Ontario electoral geography

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is volunteering for the leadership campaign of a candidate for the Ontario Legislative Assembly. While Elections Ontario (EO) supplies detailed information and a reasonable candidate support package to actual candidates, the information available to those participating in party leadership races is more limited. In addition, the […]

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Facebook privacy & digital NIMBY

The more you ‘live life transparently,’ the more you post to your social networking life stream, the more ‘friends’ and acquaintances you pick up along the way, the more you invite trouble. Well — that may be stating it strongly. But you do attract a small group of social media hecklers, bullies and office chair […]

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Peter Block about community

From my growing interest in community, conversation and how we can harness what we’re learning about online community behaviours in the real world came a renewed pointer to Peter Block (thanks to a post by Mark Kuznicki). I remembered that I’d read The Answer to How is Yes in the past and been impressed by […]

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Profit in performance, not copyright

Newspapers, by Susan Lesch, via Wikimedia Commons Newpapers, as we all know, are in trouble. Their margins eroded by the Internet, incapable of putting forward a business model that can support their transformation onto the web, the current economic recession has thrown the problems of print media into sharp relief, as it has with so […]

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HealthCamp Toronto

Unplugging the system (HealthCamp Toronto)

It’s taken me more than a week to get around to synthesizing my impressions of the inaugural HealthCamp Toronto, which was held on September 15, 2009. HealthCamp is a participatory, roaming unconference. An unconference is a self-organizing community event, a workshop whose content is entirely generated by the participants. Originating in the tech industry as […]

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The Art of Community – free ebook download

Jono Bacon is the community manager for Ubuntu, the open source Linux operating system that’s finally starting to give Windows a run for its money when it comes to consumer-readiness. He’s recently published what appears to be an interesting, practical guidebook for building and managing communities. There are chapters on planning, building, measuring and governing […]

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