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Social Media by Jason A How

How to create a sustainable personal social media strategy

I’ve been on ‘social media’ for quite a few years now. (I also really don’t like the term ‘social media’ because calling it media makes it seem like something you consume, like all other media.) I use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a daily basis. I do so for a variety of reasons: to stay […]

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A home phone for $3/month

At first glance, a home phone seems like a somewhat quaint, old-fashioned thing to have these days. With mobile phones everywhere, it seems unnecessary and perhaps a little wasteful. Call me nostalgic, then, but I really like to have one. I have a few specific reasons for this: calling long distance (internationally) still seems cheaper, […]

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Roam Mobility SIM Card

Another way to get roaming mobile data in the US (for Canadians)

I’ve previously written about a — slightly cumbersome but workable — method of avoiding data roaming charges from Canadian mobile carriers while traveling in the US. That approach remains workable but has certain limitations; most notably the fact that it doesn’t work for voice (or on smartphones at all) because — unlike the iPad — […]

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Motherboard by Tim Simpson Creative Commons via Flickr

The case for building my own computer

Men’s hobbies tend to fall into one of two broad categories. There are extroverted leisure time pursuits, often related to sports, gaming, grilling meat or drinking; and more introverted activities, often related to material things, such as woodworking, model building, photography, stereos and the like. Some men develop very detailed relationships with their things, even […]

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UP by Jawbone (press photo)

Review: Jawbone UP

Three weeks ago, I bought a Jawbone UP. It’s a movement-tracking bracelet that can be plugged into your iPhone (or Android device) once or twice a day to transmit your activity to a mobile app. (You can also download your tracking data as a CSV spreadsheet by logging into the UP website and ‘crunch’ it […]

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MS Project icon

How to estimate a project (using Microsoft Project)

Almost anyone who works in an industry that sells services will sooner or later be asked to create an estimate. Most people have limited skills in this area: they’re trained to perform some kind of specialist work like software development or report writing, while estimating is typically left to specialists. Where there are no specialists […]

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Upgrade icon by Oxygen Team (GNU license)

Why I’m not upgrading

“My name is Carsten, and I don’t like upgrading.”—”Hi Carsten!” I’ve become that guy. I never used to be that guy. You know, the guy who’s content with the technology he has because it’s working fine for him. The guy who’s perfectly capable of scaling any technical mountain but prefers to stick with what he […]

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