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SharePoint 2010 Site Template Requirements - Mindmap

Requirements analysis kit for SharePoint 2010 collaboration site templates

In the course of my day job, I often find myself confronted with having to document things on paper that are easier to implement than document. One of these things is a SharePoint 2010 collaboration site template. As you know if you’re reading this, SharePoint has the ability to ‘wrap up’ the configuration settings, visual […]

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Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

How to get pay-as-you-go data in the US (without a US credit card)

Check out this newer post for another way of getting roaming service in the US — especially if you’re looking to use your smartphone instead of your iPad. Every Canadian with an iPad knows this problem: regardless of which Canadian wireless provider you’re using locally, the cost of US data roaming is absurd. The best […]

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Download Icon

Where to buy classical music downloads (Updated)

I first wrote about this topic in 2010. A number of additional download stores specializing in classical music have come online since (or maybe they were online back then already and I’ve only discovered them now?), so I thought I’d provide an update. As the major label music industry continues to undergo tectonic shifts and […]

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Paul Culmsee

Mapping a meeting to achieve shared understanding

Have you ever had to facilitate a meeting where a large number of people was asked to solve a complex problem? It’s stressful and the outcome isn’t necessarily the resolution of the problem. Every time you think you’ve discovered a solution and apply it, the nature of the problem seems to shift. Depending on your […]

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Library Shelves by Binary Ape via Flickr (Creative Commons license)

Building your consulting library: the ethics and practice of knowledge reuse

The opinions in this blog post should not be construed as advice, especially not legal advice. Whether you act on anything I suggest here is entirely up to you—I would strongly suggest you take a close look at your employment or contracting agreement and/or take legal advice from someone qualified before you take any action […]

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Office Mac 2011 Icons

Office for Mac 2011 – One year in the real world

As a relative newcomer to the Mac, my perspective is that of a switcher. As I blogged at the time, I was originally attracted to the beautiful and affordable hardware but couldn’t conceive of a scenario where I’d actually run any OS other than Windows. My work is for a software consulting firm that works […]

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Pure i-20 iPod Dock - Frontal

Review: Pure i-20 iPod dock

I had read about the i-20 iPod dock a few months ago. It seemed like a very exciting proposition: a dock that could extract the digital signal of the music stored on an iPod without relying on the iPod’s own digital-to-analogue circuitry, and pass the music to an external DAC (digital to analogue converter) for […]

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