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What we can learn from gear porn

Nerds get a bad rap. We are being made fun of for our love of, and intimate ways with, our gear. When I say ‘gear,’ I mean computers, musical instruments, stereo equipment, cameras… anything that only reveals its depth when engaged with properly, and anything where there’s always a ‘step up,’ a better version that […]

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Why Apple’s iPad will be very, very successful

Sometimes, the prevailing discourse on the Internet makes one want to despair. Blog post after blog post of the same drivel. It often feels as though the ‘blogosphere’ is a little like The Island, a 2005 movie where Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johannson wear futuristic clothes and live in a hermetically sealed underground compound. Everyone […]

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Thoughts about 10/GUI

Robert Clayton Miller has done an excellent thing: he’s re-imagined the personal computer GUI and associated input devices in a practical, achievable, realistic way. It’s no small achievement, this: we’ve essentially been using the same lineage of human-computer interface metaphors and technologies for more than 25 years. Originally developed at Xerox PARC, Steve Jobs brought […]

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BumpTop with multi-touch

[Direct link for non-Flash devices] Here’s a new video showing BumpTop using a multi-touch screen under Windows 7. The march towards ‘tactile computing’ continues. I remain unconvinced that this is really what people want to do, for the simple reason that holding your hand/arm extended for lengthy periods like this cannot really be comfortable. My […]

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