In the age of Twitter and Facebook…

Start… it seems a little quaint to start a blog. I’m only – what? Two, three, even four years late with this? :) Well, suddenly it feels as if carving out a small space on the web for myself where I collect thoughts, opinions and links is a good idea.

Is not having a strong ‘theme’ for my blog a good or a bad thing? I refuse to only write about work, or only about music, or only about food. While I love some single-focus blogs and read them frequently, mine will be a lot more personal and therefore random than that. Time will tell if that works or not.

Since posting “Carsten is actually thinking about blogging,” on Facebook, one Facebook friend has already Facebookmailed me to tell me about his startup – a site that will help me get my blog read. I’m not even sure I’m completely committed to blogging yet, and the content vultures are already looking at distributing my scribbles :)

So – here goes nothing: post #1.

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