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Random playlist fun

Shuffle IconI don’t know why I hadn’t discovered this before. ‘Discovered’ may not be a particularly good word, actually. Of course, I knew about it. I just chose not to use it until now.

I’m talking about my MP3 player’s ‘random all’ function. It takes everything I have on it and shuffles it into a random playlist. Of course, you’d imagine that a music guy like me would use this all the time. But I don’t. I think there were two key factors that made me not use ‘random all’ previously:

  1. I like albums and I think of them as the logical unity of tracks, chosen by the artist to flow in a particular way. Call me old school.
  2. I don’t like jarring/weird segues in my music, and – before recently – it hadn’t occurred to me to ‘curate’ the underlying selection of albums in any way. Now that I’ve done that, ‘random all’ is interesting and smooth.

So far, I have found my player to be a good digital DJ. This goes to illustrate that it doesn’t really matter that it doesn’t know what it’s doing… its ‘programming’ is no worse than the average satellite radio station’s; in fact, I think it’s slightly better. But maybe I just think that because it’s all my own music that’s being ‘spun.’

Here’s a running list of a sequence today:

Yes, I have wide-ranging tastes. I listen to all sorts of music. You’ll hate some of it, probably. But I can also passionately talk about why I like each genre, each album, each track. I think that good taste in music has something to do with being able to identify what’s great about any style and committing to it even when (maybe: especially when) others don’t understand. I’m passionate about being eclectic. That either makes me some sort of musical renaissance man, or just plain annoying.