Today’s desert island disc: Norah Jones, Come Away With Me

Norah Jones Come Away With Me

I know people say “Snorah Jones.” But I like her music – I think it’s mature in a good way: music that begs to be listened to, music that’s firmly based in craft (she’s a very fine pianist) and sung with a clear, expressive voice. Yes, it’s subdued and acoustic and, as such, has been embraced by dinner party hosts and easy listening FM stations everywhere. I also like her selections; it’s music that occupies the space vacated by Aretha Franklin (when Aretha lost her bluesy grit sometime in the mid 1970s) as much as it addresses the listening public’s need for a less austere, horsy (dare I say, less ‘white’?) Diana Krall. And all of it is delivered with more than a small helping of country twang because – despite the fact that her dad’s an Indian classical music superstar and world music hero – Norah’s really from Texas.

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