Most useful tool award: Dropbox

Dropbox logo (Wikimedia Commons)
For those of us who work on different computers in different locations, this is a great solution. I install it on all my PCs (it also works on Macs) and simply drop any files or folders I want available elsewhere into the Dropbox folder on my desktop. Dropbox synchronizes the files to Dropbox’s central storage in the cloud, and down to all my computers while they’re on.

There’s also a web interface where I can see my stream of upload/download/delete activities and undelete what I’ve accidentally deleted. And I can create public URLs for files I want to share with others.

2GB of storage are included in the free version, and you can pay $9.95 per month for 50GB of disk space if you need it.

Brilliant, simple, effective – it’s what SkyDrive and Groove should be. Suggestion to Microsoft: buy these guys & bake it into Office or Windows. It’s really great.

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  1. And then a coworker points out that Microsoft actually has its own Beta offering doing just this… called “Live Mesh.” Haven’t installed it yet, but the biggest challenge here may be marketing and focus. Seriously, I hadn’t even heard of it. Why can’t they just send me an email in my Hotmail account to let me know…? Very puzzling.

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