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Most useful tool award: Dropbox

Dropbox logo (Wikimedia Commons)
For those of us who work on different computers in different locations, this is a great solution. I install it on all my PCs (it also works on Macs) and simply drop any files or folders I want available elsewhere into the Dropbox [1] folder on my desktop. Dropbox synchronizes the files to Dropbox’s central storage in the cloud, and down to all my computers while they’re on.

There’s also a web interface where I can see my stream of upload/download/delete activities and undelete what I’ve accidentally deleted. And I can create public URLs for files I want to share with others.

2GB of storage are included in the free version, and you can pay $9.95 per month for 50GB of disk space if you need it.

Brilliant, simple, effective – it’s what SkyDrive and Groove should be. Suggestion to Microsoft: buy these guys & bake it into Office or Windows. It’s really great.