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The new Art Gallery of Ontario, recently re-opened with new architecture by Frank Gehry, is lovely inside. Granted, it looks like a giant shiny slug from the outside (especially on a rainy day), but the same tube-like structure forms a great, warm space on the inside, a sort of walkway that spans the street side of the second floor of the museum. I knew I wasn’t supposed to take pictures, but couldn’t resist (it’s not like I was taking snaps of famous paintings!) until a burly security officer told me to stop.

Generally, going to the AGO was a good experience, well worth seeing. It struck me that right now, the museum is showing mainly itself – its new face and design: the actual subject matter on display seemed relatively minor, a fun hodgepodge of painting, sculpture, some contemporary installations and a collection of model ships (that’s how far we got, at least).

Even so, definitely too much for an afternoon, so a return visit is called for this coming weekend.

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