Wool socks!

Pair of colourful socksWool socks are a remarkable discovery. My dad had grey wool socks when memory starts for me – a holdover from Germany in the 1960s, no doubt. Soon after, everyone started to wear cotton socks: they were supposed to be healthy, and – I think – they were cheap. Manmade materials never really took off in socks (at least for my family). Wool socks weren’t even available anywhere I lived – I assume this was due to certain macroeconomic conditions in the textiles market… I think wool can’t be farmed as easily and cheaply as cotton, nor in the same geographic locations (India, China).

Lately, wool socks have been making a comeback, initially as performance wear for hikers and other sportspeople. But for those of us who got curious, dug deep into our pockets ($20-$25/pair) and bought a pair, they’re a revelation. My feet are warm without being sweaty when it’s 10 or 20 below – and my socks never seem to get as much as damp (something you can’t say about cotton).

Brands I’ve tried include Smartwool and Icebreaker. Both make great striped socks that are easy on the eyes.

Never thought I’d say this… but: I want socks for Christmas!

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