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The curious case of the Starbucks look-alike insulated cup

Starbucks CupStarbucks has had these for a few months now: insulated cups that are made to look just like their regular disposable paper cups. The only thing it’s missing is a brown cardboard sleeve. I’m not completely sure what attracted me to this, but when I was in the market for another insulated cup and found myself at Starbucks, this was the obvious choice. I think I like the irony of it, and the unabashed branding. Like Microsoft in its company store, Starbucks has figured out how to make me want to pay for things featuring its brand.

Maybe I should be more conciously opposed to all this. There’s a fine line between irony and brand credulity… maybe I should get something from Pylones instead? When I lose this one…

3 Responses to The curious case of the Starbucks look-alike insulated cup

  1. Sherri Hunter March 14, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    Just picked up my cup today and absolutely love it!

  2. Lilly December 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    hey guys, i wanted to ask you one thing..i have the same cup…and it worked just fine, for like a month or so..(although, i thought it would keep the drink hotter for a longer time, but whatever..) problem is, that through the drinking hole in the closing lid, my tea/coffee is leaking over :( i don´t know why..can you help me somehow? thank you :)

    P.S.: i´m sorry for my grammar, but i´m not native speaker :D

  3. Tonia October 12, 2017 at 4:28 pm #

    Please, please, Please,
    Can you Help me?? I have this Starbucks Coffee Tumbler from ’09 – I use it everyday.
    I have been on the Hunt for another, but have been unsuccessful in my search. I have visited
    Many Starbucks stores, Only to be told, Sorry, or Try this one. Now I have too many Unused Mugs,
    Tumblers & thermos types, But Nothing Compares to my 09′ (The One You Have Pictured) !!!
    Can You Help??

    Sincerely, Tonia Warnshuis
    Monterey, Ca.

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