Elbow videos

Two sepia-toned videos today from Britain’s Elbow, a favourite over the years (I liked them when they released Asleep in the Back and everyone thought they were Peter Gabriel prog-rockers). Both from The Seldom Seen Kid, one of 2008’s best albums (which I, sadly, only heard in 2009).

Guy Garvey is a fabulously poetic lyricist and also a BBC Radio 6 DJ/presenter, but – alas – the BBC won’t allow downloads of his show outside of the UK.

So I’m there
Charging around with a juggernaut brow
Overdraft, speeches and deadlines to make
Cramming commitments like cats in a sack
Telephone burn and a purposeful gait

When out of a doorway the tentacles stretch
Of a song that I know
And the world moves in slow-mo
Straight to my head
like the first cigarette of the day

There’s a hole in my neighbourhood down which of late I cannot help but fall

Best thing to do is to find the ‘original’ videos on Youtube… the label turned off embedding, so I can only show the (also quite interesting) Abbey Road love recordings.

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