Out with the old, in with the new…


Tear Plan B by carnagenyc Creative Commons via Flickr[Editor’s note: This post refers to an older blog of mine that’s since been shut down. It’s here mostly for historical interest. My misgivings about “business blogging” in the service of my profession remain unchanged…]

As many of you know, I work for a Microsoft partner – we provide consulting services and create software solutions, mostly for the public sector in Ontario, Canada.

I used to have a blog at infowork.ca that talked about some of my experiences and observations about my work, particularly work related to Microsoft technology. I also tried to provide my views on issues and challenges in the world of IT professional services. It’s still a relatively young profession (even though it’s been around for 40+ years now!) and there are all kinds of fascinating and challenging things to talk about.

But, I confess, I ran out of steam. If one’s energy level for a project is any reflection of one’s enthusiasm for the subject matter (and it is!), then this wasn’t really what I wanted to blog about. Certainly not the only thing. So the posting frequency became less and less, and my stress levels about not posting higher and higher. The main thing I learned from blog 1.0 is that I defined my subject matter too narrowly. As a result, I didn’t have anywhere to talk about all the other amazing things I discover daily.

My interests are pretty far-ranging, and many of them are either directly or indirectly related to my work. If they’re not, then they’re simply not yet connected to my work; they’re still waiting to be synthesized.

I’ve defined what I’ll write about in blog 2.0 much more loosely and honestly. I’m excited to have a new space where I can talk about the present and future, and how we’ll get there. I’ll still talk about technology, but I think my comments will be much less specific to all things Microsoft and more about the incredible emerging web.

This is a positive milestone for me – WordPress at the ready, hosting account all tuned up, and some time to write a couple of posts. I need writing as part of my daily introvert’s self-care package, so it’s been great to nerd out a bit and tinker with getting it all set up. I hope you’ll decide to subscribe.

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