One blog to rule them all

One Ring by Xander via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)Until yesterday, I had three blogs. It just sort of happened that way.

When I first started blogging in 2007, the trend seemed to be that blogs should be narrowly defined and specific to a topic. I couldn’t see how I could reasonably blog about music and technology and consulting and food in the same place.

First there was Teabowl, a blog about music, food, books, traveling and that sort of thing. Then, there was Infowork, an ill-fated attempt at writing about consulting and Microsoft technologies (the field that I work in). When I started to realize that I had no place to talk about all the other things I’m interested in (business, politics, design, etc.), I started Changebowl.

Cleverly and quite effectively, I had created my own long tail, fragmenting the “Carsten content experience” to such a degree that even I was getting confused. You haven’t experienced self-inflicted stress until you’ve had three undernourished blogs stare you down every time you open a browser, demanding updates.

So I consolidated all my old blog posts into this new blog right here, reworking them where necessary and deleting those that simply weren’t doing it for me anymore (mostly old tech news and recommendations for products I’ve since stopped using because something better came along).

I will just stand by my “Renaissance man” persona and assume that my posts are either found via Google (in which case I believe the reader doesn’t care what else I blog about) or read by people who know me anyway and won’t be surprised when I follow a post about enterprise content management with one about death metal.

Happy reading, and thanks for staying the course!

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