About Carsten Knoch

I’m an independent management consultant specializing in product management and business strategy. I draw on my extensive background in the technology industry and on my training in the humanities and social sciences.

I usually work with multiple consulting clients at the same time. I advise and coach teams and managers in areas such as product and portfolio strategy, innovation, qualitative research (including business ethnography and UX research), organizational change, and project/program management (mostly, but not always, related to technology). Sometimes, during times of transition, I fill in as an interim “executive for hire.” I also advise organizations of all types on matters such as technology procurement and vendor selection as well as recruitment for strategic IT or engineering positions.

In the last few years, I have predominantly worked with clients in the Canadian broadcast media space, helping to imagine and implement what I think of as “the digital transformation of broadcast.”

Aside from my consulting work, I spend a lot of my time thinking about the state of our world. At this stage, I feel quite certain that capitalism has not only thoroughly broken the natural world (and imperiled our continued ability to survive in it) but also made a mockery of any “social contract” we may once have believed in. I see myself as an outspoken critic of this kind of hyper-accelerated financialized economic system, and I do not believe in its long-term viability.

I think we should look for strategic interventions that will create footholds for change — not in order to renovate what can’t be fixed but because it is our moral obligation to assume agency over our destiny. Like many people I know, I am actively trying to figure out what role I can play, and I’m always interested in having conversations with others about this topic. Whether you want to bat around ideas for change or have reached your own “crisis with/of capitalism,” feel free to reach out!

In 2017, I completed a master’s degree in anthropology at the University of Toronto. My aim, through my research, was to theorize some of the ethical and methodological problems related to “doing” ethnography in a business context; you can read the results here.

While I was in the master’s program at UofT, I co-founded the Ethnography Lab which promotes ethnographic research methods and practice in the university and outside academia. I continue to be involved with the lab’s events and website.

My blog collects my writing on a variety of subjects — business, research, music, politics, etc. I understand that this may be unusual in the “professional” world — but I made the decision a long time ago to present myself as the multi-faceted person that I am. Please feel entirely free to ignore what you’re not interested in!

I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with my partner Jennifer.

My resumé/curriculum vitae is on LinkedIn.

Last updated: July 2020