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Almost Perfect storefront

Why you should shop at Almost Perfect

All over Toronto, “Urban Fresh” Sobeys have sprung up in the last two years. For those not from Toronto, Sobeys is a large Canadian grocery store chain. The “Urban Fresh” stores are unholy, small ’boutique’ grocery stores aimed squarely at cooking-challenged young urbanites. They […]

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Vegetarian Stock Cube

The magic of vegetable stock cubes

I can trace my recent improvements on the vegetarian cooking front to one insight in particular (thanks to the stir fry section in Heidi Swanson‘s book, credited/linked below): that almost every stove-top vegetarian dish is vastly enhanced with vegetable stock cubes. Stock cubes are […]

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Pasta bake

Recipe: Delicious Pasta Bake

When you don’t feel like assembling a whole lasagna, or change your mind at the last minute – this is a very tasty and healthy vegetarian pasta bake. For us, it feels a bit ‘festive’ each time we make it; as if we’re treating […]

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Celery and carrots

Strategies for lunch

Eating healthily and losing or maintaining one’s weight are hard things to do in a busy life. We’re surrounded by fast food options everywhere: the din of junk food has become deafening, especially now that so much of it claims to be healthy (for […]

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Red kale

Recipe: Red kale pasta

Red kale is an interesting discovery. Not something I see very often in any of the grocery stores I frequent, even the organic ones. Our desire to include more greens in our meals often results in very ‘earthy’ tasting food – green kale, for […]

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