Mary’s Crackers: Crunchy, healthy goodness

Mary’s Organic Crackers have become one of my staple foods lately. And since I use my blog/soapbox to write about things that I love and recommend, I felt that Mary deserved a shout-out. Mary Waldner (interviews with her can be … [read more]

Why you should shop at Almost Perfect

All over Toronto, “Urban Fresh” Sobeys have sprung up in the last two years. For those not from Toronto, Sobeys is a large Canadian grocery store chain. The “Urban Fresh” stores are unholy, small ’boutique’ grocery stores aimed squarely at … [read more]

The magic of vegetable stock cubes

I can trace my recent improvements on the vegetarian cooking front to one insight in particular (thanks to the stir fry section in Heidi Swanson‘s book, credited/linked below): that almost every stove-top vegetarian dish is vastly enhanced with vegetable stock … [read more]

Pasta bake

Recipe: Delicious Pasta Bake

When you don’t feel like assembling a whole lasagna, or change your mind at the last minute – this is a very tasty and healthy vegetarian pasta bake. For us, it feels a bit ‘festive’ each time we make it; … [read more]

Celery and carrots

Strategies for lunch

Eating healthily and losing or maintaining one’s weight are hard things to do in a busy life. We’re surrounded by fast food options everywhere: the din of junk food has become deafening, especially now that so much of it claims … [read more]


Recipe: Brown rice and lentil pilaf

If you’re like me and are always looking for low-fuss lunch food that can be pre-cooked and stored in the fridge for a few days, this is a nice recipe. I use a rice cooker for it. You can definitely … [read more]

Red kale

Recipe: Red kale pasta

Red kale is an interesting discovery. Not something I see very often in any of the grocery stores I frequent, even the organic ones. Our desire to include more greens in our meals often results in very ‘earthy’ tasting food … [read more]

The Beet

Eating out: The Beet Organic Café & Market, Toronto

The Beet Organic Café & Market is housed in an old TD Bank building, its entrance behind a still-functional Green Machine ABM terminal. I’m not sure if this is an amazing coincidence or a subtle, “only in the Junction” political … [read more]