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Coeur de pirate: Blonde

Listening to: Coeur de pirate

Béatrice Martin, who goes by the stage name Coeur de pirate, is a wildly, fantastically talented singer-songwriter from Montreal. She has just released her second solo album—the excellent Blonde—and she’s only 22. Like many listeners outside of France and Quebec, I first noticed Coeur de […]

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My daily lunch & learn courtesy of TED

In the growth trajectory of most companies, you eventually get to the size where capturing and spreading your employees’ knowledge around actually becomes a business advantage. And while most organizations continue to struggle with the perpetual tug of war between “what we’re paying you […]

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OK Go Video

Two one-take music videos

These are fun, though (I think) unrelated. Both were shot in a single take (or at least made to look like it). OK Go, This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine Version) – sort of strange and amazing all at once. It’s a sort […]

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Elbow Videos

Elbow videos

Two sepia-toned videos today from Britain’s Elbow, a favourite over the years (I liked them when they released Asleep in the Back and everyone thought they were Peter Gabriel prog-rockers). Both from The Seldom Seen Kid, one of 2008’s best albums (which I, sadly, […]

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Bobby McFerrin Video

The genius of Bobby McFerrin

I had forgotten about how much I love Bobby McFerrin. A singer with an incongruously elastic voice and perfect pitch who’s not afraid of anything. Two perfect McFerrin videos: the first one has him singing the Bach part while the Montreal audience sings the […]

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E.S.T. – Tuesday Wonderland

The Esbjörn Svensson Trio sounds like the most balanced and smartest modern ‘jazz’ piano trio of the ones I’ve heard. It’s post-everything: it’s not ironic, not ‘fusion’ in any way – it feels like a logical growth path for jazz. It’s sad that Svensson […]

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Kasey Chambers video

Kasey Chambers

Here are two videos from the great Kasey Chambers, an Australian country singer/songwriter. I think hers is one of the most unique voices in music today – both her actual voice, and her songwriting.

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