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Sinéad Lohan

Listening to: Sinéad Lohan

Sometimes, you just connect with a CD — immediately, powerfully, viscerally. That’s how I reacted when I first heard Sinéad Lohan’s No Mermaid, a 1998 disc that few people heard and fewer bought (her Wikipedia entry claims that No Mermaid ‘enjoyed moderate success’ in […]

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Manu Katche Neighbourhood

Listening to: Manu Katché

A review of Manu Katché’s Neighbourhood (2005) and Playground (2007) Manu Katché is a French drummer (born 1958), originally famous for being an in-demand session and live drummer on the 80s/90s ‘world fusion’ circuit (Peter Gabriel, Sting, etc.). Now, his proclivities evidently run more […]

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Susheela Raman 33 1/3

Listening to: Susheela Raman, 33 1/3

A review of Susheela Raman’s 33 1/3 There’s nothing Susheela Raman can’t sing. I remember thinking this the first time I heard her first record, Salt Rain, in 2001. Raman is a British singer of Indian origin (who grew up in Australia), and 33 […]

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Idan Raichel Project

Listening to: Idan Raichel’s Project

A review of Idan Raichel’s Project’s The Idan Raichel Project (2006) Am I dating myself (38) by talking about world music? Does anyone other than 35 plus year olds with a liberal bent still listen to world music? These days, I mostly encounter it […]

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Calexico Carried to Dust

Listening to: Calexico, Carried to Dust

A review of Calexico’s Carried to Dust (2008) And while I’m busy clearing the backlog of “CDs I must mention on my blog,” here’s a definite contender for 2008 Record of the Year. Calexico is an Arizona-based outfit that makes an interesting blend of […]

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