De Phazz Daily Lama

Today’s Desert Island Disc: De-Phazz, Daily Lama

De-Phazz is a revolving cast of singers and performers around German jazz/electronica producer Pit Baumgartner. For more than 10 years, De-Phazz has released an interesting and unique blend of jazz, German cabaret music, electronica, hip hop, reggae/dancehall and r’n’b. Baumgartner … [read more]

Emmyloud Harris Wrecking Ball

Today’s desert island disc: Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball

A towering achievement and also an immensely likeable record. Emmylou Harris, after spending the first half of the 90s playing and recording solid if traditionally-oriented country albums, in 1995 teams up with Daniel Lanois and engineer Malcolm Burn to make … [read more]

Yazoo Upstairs at Eric's

Today’s desert island disc: Yazoo, Upstairs at Eric’s

What powerful music this was, and still is. Vince Clarke, the original composer/arranger behind Depeche Mode, teams up with blue-eyed soul singer Alison Moyet, and together they create some of the most memorable, path-breaking electronic pop music ever recorded. What … [read more]