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Food Quiet Inlet

Listening to: Food, Quiet Inlet

A review of Food’s Quiet Inlet (2010). In its web review, the BBC calls this “a magical hybrid of technology and improvisation, Europe and America, ambience and dance.” It’s definitely all those things. I find myself especially excited about this release because there have […]

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Manu Katche Neighbourhood

Listening to: Manu Katché

A review of Manu Katché’s Neighbourhood (2005) and Playground (2007) Manu Katché is a French drummer (born 1958), originally famous for being an in-demand session and live drummer on the 80s/90s ‘world fusion’ circuit (Peter Gabriel, Sting, etc.). Now, his proclivities evidently run more […]

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Tomasz Stanko Quartet Lontano

Listening to: Tomasz Stanko Quartet, Lontano

A review of the Tomasz Stanko Quartet’s Lontano (2006) Tomasz Stanko is a Polish jazz trumpeter who sounds a little like Miles Davis without anger. Lontano contains a series of thoughtful, quiet and slightly angular (maybe geometric is a better word) pieces made with […]

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