K'Naan Dusty Foot

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I’m a dreamer but I ain’t the only one | Got problems, but we love to have fun | This is our world, from here to your hood | We alive man, it’s okay to feel good Delivered in a … [read more]

Poem: tibet

to tibet she thinks where it is quiet i wish to sit in a little cell of stone and gold my clothes and things would not be important and i would listen to the birds in my heart to decide … [read more]

Poem: [what remains …]

what remains is a certain feeling an aridity a lawless guilt some unsung heroes in the quiet the midmorning after you gunned me down with your love took me in your arms and pressed so tight what was then i; … [read more]

typewriter by beta500 via Flickr


Between 1990 and 1995, I wrote poetry. Drawn to finding a creative outlet during a time of newfound English language proficiency, I stumbled upon a group of Cape Town poets organized by Peter Horn, then professor of German at UCT … [read more]