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Poor Minstrel by Gustave Dore

Best new music of 2011

Thought I’d get an early handle on my best-of-the-year list this time around. I’ve blogged surprisingly little about music in 2011. That doesn’t mean that I listened any less, or less attentively. In fact, audio-wise, it was just this past year that I finally […]

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Coeur de pirate: Blonde

Listening to: Coeur de pirate

Béatrice Martin, who goes by the stage name Coeur de pirate, is a wildly, fantastically talented singer-songwriter from Montreal. She has just released her second solo album—the excellent Blonde—and she’s only 22. Like many listeners outside of France and Quebec, I first noticed Coeur de […]

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Gary Moore in 2010, by Vlad Archic

Gary Moore, 1952-2011

I don’t know why I had rediscovered Gary Moore in the last few months. But having recently added a few of his more recent CDs to my collection and enjoyed them tremendously, it was especially surprising and sad to hear of his untimely passing. […]

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OK Go Video

Two one-take music videos

These are fun, though (I think) unrelated. Both were shot in a single take (or at least made to look like it). OK Go, This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine Version) – sort of strange and amazing all at once. It’s a sort […]

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Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back

Listening to: Peter Gabriel, Scratch My Back

A review of Peter Gabriel’s Scratch My Back (2010) It’s a tricky business, doing covers of well-known and well-loved songs. Perhaps not when you’re Keith Jarrett or Brad Mehldau and you can fall back on a long-established tradition of converting the day’s popular songs […]

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