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Food Quiet Inlet

Listening to: Food, Quiet Inlet

A review of Food’s Quiet Inlet (2010). In its web review, the BBC calls this “a magical hybrid of technology and improvisation, Europe and America, ambience and dance.” It’s definitely all those things. I find myself especially excited about this release because there have […]

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De Phazz Daily Lama

Today’s Desert Island Disc: De-Phazz, Daily Lama

De-Phazz is a revolving cast of singers and performers around German jazz/electronica producer Pit Baumgartner. For more than 10 years, De-Phazz has released an interesting and unique blend of jazz, German cabaret music, electronica, hip hop, reggae/dancehall and r’n’b. Baumgartner changes his lineup between […]

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Burial Untrue

Listening to: Burial, Untrue

For anyone still standing at the end of the long, strange journey through the tunnel of electronic music, particularly all the different forms of house over the years, this is lovely, emotional, introverted and perhaps a little nerdy. It’s also very, very good in […]

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