Alternate reality: The Weather Network

The Weather Network is a portal to another reality. It’s a 24-hour cable news channel where everything revolves around the weather, all the time. Every bulletin and every story segment is about the weather, climate change, or about the weather’s … [read more]

Why I bought a Mac

Picture by Benjamin Nagel, via Wikimedia Commons Apparently, I’m a hipster now. According to my friend Bryce, who calls everyone a hipster who uses a Mac. Though I feel a certain kinship with PC in the “Get a Mac” commercials … [read more]

The magic of the ordinary (DNTO podcast)

Definintely Not The Opera (DNTO) is a magazine show on CBC Radio 1 that comes out every Saturday. It’s one of my most treasured Canadian cultural institutions. Originally named Brand X, it was first broadcast in 1994 and later renamed … [read more]

Out with the old, in with the new…

  [Editor’s note: This post refers to an older blog of mine that’s since been shut down. It’s here mostly for historical interest. My misgivings about “business blogging” in the service of my profession remain unchanged…] As many of you … [read more]

Mary’s Crackers: Crunchy, healthy goodness

Mary’s Organic Crackers have become one of my staple foods lately. And since I use my blog/soapbox to write about things that I love and recommend, I felt that Mary deserved a shout-out. Mary Waldner (interviews with her can be … [read more]

Why you should shop at Almost Perfect

All over Toronto, “Urban Fresh” Sobeys have sprung up in the last two years. For those not from Toronto, Sobeys is a large Canadian grocery store chain. The “Urban Fresh” stores are unholy, small ’boutique’ grocery stores aimed squarely at … [read more]

Blue Ikea Bag

Blue Ikea bags

  How would you move house without these? This is the ideal moving bag. From humble beginnings as a $1 useful item available in large boxes at the Ikea checkout, these are now officially one of the most useful things … [read more]

Karim Rashid Design Your Self

Read: Karim Rashid, Design Your Self

A review of Karim Rashid’s Design Your Self (2006) Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’97: Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have … [read more]