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Profit in performance, not copyright

Newspapers, by Susan Lesch, via Wikimedia Commons Newpapers, as we all know, are in trouble. Their margins eroded by the Internet, incapable of putting forward a business model that can support their transformation onto the web, the current economic recession has thrown the problems […]

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HealthCamp Toronto

Unplugging the system (HealthCamp Toronto)

It’s taken me more than a week to get around to synthesizing my impressions of the inaugural HealthCamp Toronto, which was held on September 15, 2009. HealthCamp is a participatory, roaming unconference. An unconference is a self-organizing community event, a workshop whose content is […]

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Barack Obama


It’s a big day in the US today. Even if it’s in the midst of an economic recession, Obama’s inauguration feels like a moment of hope becoming real. I’m not sure it’s any more specific than that for me: everyone (including myself) projects their […]

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