Dave Matthews Live at Radio City

Listening to: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City

Dave Matthews, particularly with the Dave Matthews Band, isn’t recognized enough for his songcraft. It gets lost under the weight of popular perception about Dave’s music, live shows and achievements: touring jam band, incredible musicianship, big sound, long shows, lots … [read more]

3 Guys and a Stove by Johnny C via Flickr

Eating out: 3 Guys and a Stove, Huntsville, ON

For vegetarians, Muskoka isn’t always a particularly good food destination. In fact, area restaurants fall either into the ‘fine dining’ category (rustic, meaty fare, often involving game) or a cornucopia of chain restaurants that you’d find anyplace in North America … [read more]

Tina Malia The Silent Awakening

Listening to: Tina Malia, The Silent Awakening

Tina Malia is a singer-songwriter from California who writes and performs beautiful songs at the nexus of folk, world music and new age. This post reviews her latest album, “The Silent Awakening.”

I like to Rise by Leah Salomaa

Listening to: Leah Salomaa

Leah Salomaa is a Toronto-based folk singer who has made two excellent CDs of folk songs for children. This is tastefully sung and played music that’s engaging for children and adults alike: it’s not saccharine like other children’s CDs I’ve heard.

Grocery Store by i5design via Flickr

Where food and water come from

There’s a great article about a speech David Suzuki – environmentalist, scientist, activist – gave at McGill University in The McGill Daily.

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Why I’m using WordPress

Someone will ask sooner or later, so I’ll just post my reasons for using WordPress here. Quite simply, it’s the best blogging platform for public blogs, period. It’s small, elegant, easy to use and has thousands of quick-to-install, stable plugins … [read more]