Ai Weiwei, Still from Human Flow

On Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow

Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow, at two and a half hours, is neither light entertainment nor what most would think of as a seasonal movie. It is currently in an extended run in two of Toronto’s theatres supporting more cerebral fare … [read more]

Reflecting pool

9/11 Memorial

First, we have to go through the security theatre. The long lineups are partially for crowd control (you don’t want the wait to seem too long, so it’s best to break up the line into a few smaller ones), partially … [read more]

Airport by morberg via Flickr

How to survive business travel

Most of us, whether we like it or not, have to go on business trips from time to time. When you’re in your twenties, this seems like a glamorous thing, and your partying stamina helps you deal with the adverse … [read more]

Tower Bridge

London, summer 2011

I had previously been to London on business — multiple times in fact, in the late 1990s. Those were the heady days of the dot-com boom, and I came away with the impression of a beautiful, sprawling city filled with hard-drinking … [read more]

South Bend Indiana

South Bend, Indiana

On my way back from Seattle last Saturday, I had another small travel adventure (my adventure on the way there is described here). A blizzard had been announced back in Toronto (it was known by Friday afternoon that we’d get … [read more]

Forget your laptop

Time to forget my laptop

So here I was, early for my flight, as it turns out, at Toronto Pearson Airport, e-ticket in hand. You know the drill (well, if you’ve left Toronto by plane then you do): Use one of the little electronic kiosks … [read more]